visual storytellers | photography and film

Like every Rorschach test, what we see in the inkblot is what makes it unique. Similarly, at Coffee Stains, we see you in a unique way—in fact we not only see you, we perceive your uniqueness. And like every stain leaves a mark of its having been, a photograph is a fraction of a moment, indelible and deeply important, for it makes us remember. As every coffee stain leaves behind the testimony of a moment of contemplation or perhaps a conversation the sepia of that stain is an unforgettable memoir of that past.

We believe that every moment tells a story and a good storyteller is able to capture the essence, the tenderness which otherwise gets lost in the flow of time.  

We believe that we are not only what happens to us, but what we remember of it—we at Coffee Stains are good at perceiving those emotions in your moments that make it memorable.


At the heart of our enterprise, the element that enlivens a photograph every time is the mystery of love. Love that depends on sameness and difference, love that cannot be summed up, and yet can be captured in an exchange of gazes. It is at the same time the most elusive and ever present emotion that we perceive—we love the myriad ways of love—the entire spectrum of screaming, silent, loud, tender and naughty.  When we capture weddings, we strive to tell your story in the entire gamut of emotions—we capture all sides of the story that is unique to you. We love the sunlight in mehendis and the disco lights of your bachelor parties and the unmistakable sparkle in your laughter—we capture all of it. In fact we record the real aesthetics that form the bedrock of promises that solemnises weddings into marriages.

At Coffee Stains we capture the intangible in a moment, on a photograph.  In fact as you are busy living these precious moments to the hilt, we see not only through the eye, but with our hearts treasuring them for you.  As you revel in your moment, we capture it for eternity because we understand that photographs and films are timeless.  

As we turn a decade old, we realise, what inspires us is how the beauty of colours meets the poetry of human emotions in a dance, turning into the sepia of memories. We have travelled far and wide chasing stories and documenting them. In fact what moves us is how the fact of a photograph or film almost turns our lived realities into beautiful fictions for future story telling. We already relish the nostalgia on your behalf as we are able to perceive it in your precious moments. We are your timekeepers.