'Paris' is the centre of my free world. No matter what the rest of the world says about the average Parisian, they make the "beautiful old lady” (as Floriane calls it) what she is. Yes, the portions are small, quantity is defined by the lack of it, you have four seasons in half a day but it’s a city whose people are in love with it. She, Floriane is another dreamer like most other Parisians. A free soul that roams trying to make sense of everything, but taking nothing so seriously. Paris and grumpiness are often mentioned in the same sentence, ask her about it and she replies “its fake grumpiness, hiding a real, deep joy.” Ask anybody who has had enough time to watch at least one season change would vouch for that.  Hidden somewhere among the wrinkles of the "beautiful old lady” are even more beautiful neighborhoods that few who travel to Paris get to see. This is ‘Paris’ my friends, the real center of the free world.

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