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29 Feb 2016


Performing progressive metal at your own wedding decked in a saree/veshti is not your regular bride and groom. They are better known as rebel brides/grooms and they are here to stay.

Akshaya and Sriram met through music and it is only natural that they would want to include a little something of it for their wedding. How did the idea of a brass band come about? “We’ve been playing with a band here in detroit and since our guitarist (also a Sriram 😐 ) was flying to Bangalore with us for the wedding we came up with this crazy idea of performing at the wedding. Another friend agreed to do the bass and we were all set! In theory we were far from a brass band but we wanted it to sound very local and traditional. Sriram’s cousin, Harini who is a professional artist did all of the artwork for us and a sound engineer friend of mine (Another Sriram, astoundingly) helped out with the PA and mixer system.”,says Akshaya. “Don’t forget the saree adorned bride’s heavy metal growling vocals that left people shocked (but surprisingly, cheering). They’re used to celebrating a glowing bride…this time it was a growling bride they celebrated”, adds Sriram.

May your tribe grow!

29 Feb 2016


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21 Feb 2016